Riverdale hosts Student Conference / Horace Mann hosts Parent Seminar

Learn about two events hosted by two of our member schools, Riverdale County School & Horace Mann!

Friday, 1/23
Hill School’s Middle School Diversity Conference – hosted at Riverdale Country School

*please encourage your RCS, HM, or ECF middle schooler to attend by notifing their school leaders

Here’s what faciliatators have to say about it…


“The Middle School Hilltop Diversity Conference, now in it’s seventh year, was conceived by Liz Fernandez (ECFS) and Antoinette Quarshie (RCS), and grew out of a collaboration between Horace Mann, Fieldston and Riverdale.  The conference is usually hosted by one of the three hilltop schools who assume all of the costs associated with the conference and rotates on an annual basis amongst the three schools.The conference includes students in Grade 6 – 8 who attend the hilltop schools and their partner schools.” Antionette Quarshie-RCS

“Michael Fowlin at HM in 2011 was fantastic. The poets Phil Kay and Sarah Kaye at Fieldston also stood out. Irshad Manji at HM last year was also fantastic. Her theme was “Moral Courage” and her staying for the entirety of the conference also stood out and contributed a great deal.”  Markell Parker-HM


“We hope that students engage with each other to explore issues of social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion as they reflect on the promise of America and the responsibility of global citizenship. The theme of the conference is invisibility and Roscoe C. Brown, the keynote speaker will share his life story and experience as a Tuskegee Airman, a part of American history that was hidden for much too long.” AQ-RCS

“I am most excited about the moments of peer to peer mentoring through Upper School leadership at the conference. Middle Schoolers will not only have a space for them to reflect on their own identities and learn more about empathy towards those from different perspectives, but will also get to learn alongside and from Upper Schoolers on their own journeys.” Emily Schorr Lesnick-RCS

“What we most want the students to take away is awareness of diversity issues, language to use when discussing said issues, and comfort within the discomfort. If students walk away with these three aspects in place, the conference has been a success.” MP-HM


Thursday, January 29
Parent Seminar – “Sticks & Stones Revisited: Developing Your Child’s Inner Strengths” – Horace Mann School

if you are a parent at any of our RIISE Member Schools and you are intersted in attending the event at Horace Mann, email contact information and name of school to gpc@4RIISE.org by 1/26
**seating is limited.

An honest look at the social emotional stresses of today’s children in every age group through the lower, middle and upper school years. Whether you are worried about feelings of isolation, surviving through assimilation, or coping with bullying, this practical seminar will provide parents with simple, everyday strategies on how to stay in touch with your child’s experiences in and outside of school. Plus, get tips on how to work with school staff and other parents on how to support your child. Parents from all divisions are invited to attend this special seminar hosted by the HMPA and RIISE Socio-Emotional Advisor Delia Farquharson, LCSW, and independent school parent. Light refreshments will be served.

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