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Riverdale seeks academic excellence and personal achievement within an ethical and supportive environment. When you visit, you will find a stimulating and challenging curriculum, bright and engaging students, a well-educated and dedicated faculty, a wide array of artistic, athletic, and other extracurricular opportunities, an impressive physical plant, and an environment conducive to learning. You will also discover a community proud of its friendly atmosphere and warm relationships.

Mission Statement

RIVERDALE COUNTRY SCHOOL is a Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 independent school in New York City committed to empowering lifelong learners by developing minds, building character, and creating community in order to change our world for the good.

Strategic Directions

At Riverdale, we rely on a powerful model based on guiding principles in three key areas: mind, character, and community. Within each category we strive to create ambitious programs that benefit the entire community.

High standards are valued at Riverdale, but so are innovative approaches to learning. The school invites students to cast a wide net during their years on campus, encouraging them to explore subjects in the arts and sciences that interest them. Students’ intellectual curiosity and emotional growth are given thoughtful support even as they grow independent as learners, which serves them well during their college years and beyond.

Honesty, self-discipline, resilience, and perseverance are qualities we encourage in our students every day. A multifaceted support system on campus provides students with the support they need as they pursue opportunities and learn life lessons.

The Riverdale campuses are an ideal setting for an intimate community of young learners. Students also are encouraged to expand their view of community beyond the wooded campuses; they are encouraged to view themselves as citizens of the world, with all the joy and responsibility that implies.




Lower School (718) 549-7780 Middle and Upper Schools (718) 549-8810