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St. Andrew’s School is Savannah’s choice for meaningful hands-on learning where students are excited to go to school.

Our Mission
St. Andrew’s, is an independent college preparatory school dedicated to personalized student development, strives to develop engaged, well-rounded individuals by inspiring a passion for knowledge, a commitment to personal integrity and a deepened social consciousness within a supportive educational community.

There is a shared belief in the St. Andrew’s community that a personalized approach, as defined by the mission, insists upon uniting life experience with the learning journey. Application of the core skills of


, communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical-thinking and problem-solving are discovered through tangible connections to nearly every aspect of the student’s life. Every task undertaken by the community to support the student is intentional and every step of the adventure of the supported. Global citizenship is a living, breathing, and textured phenomenon at the school, and students “feel” the aspects of growth and learning rather than simply witness or observe as bystanders.

Student life at St. Andrew’s is dedication to after school and auxiliary programs to enrich experience, clubs and honors to hone and recognize student talent by leading, serving, and engaging, local, regional, and global service, innovative connections of dining services to curriculum, use of experiential education adventures for fun, challenge, and reflection, a respect for community health and wellness, and a diverse array of summer opportunities to cultivate sustainable learning.

St. Andrew’s traces its beginning to 1947 when Independent Presbyterian Church opened a kindergarten for four and

five year olds

. Over the years other grades were added and in 1978 the first and only class graduated from Independent Presbyterian Day School. St. Andrew’s considers the ten members of this class to be its first alumni. Despite expanding facilities, programs, and technology, the fundamental principles of the school have remained unchanged. Our lower school inspires passionate learners, the middle school provides unique and diverse opportunities for all students, and the St. Andrew’s upper school encourages students to explore their interests and talents.


As college admissions


progressively more competitive, parents are becoming increasingly more educated consumers of their children’s school programs and curricula in hopes of giving their child the added advantages now that will pay off in the long run. As a school that made the decision to transition from an Advanced Placement (AP) program to International Baccalaureate (IB), we are often asked how these two programs compare and why we have invested in the latter. We were authorized to begin delivering the IB program in the spring of 2008 and have gained much momentum and positive response from the stakeholders in our community. This position paper explains our IB program in more depth and why we feel it is a more valuable education and preparation for our students than a traditional AP program.

“St. Andrew’s is special because it incorporates a progressive teaching philosophy along with building a strong moral and social foundation. The fun learning environment creates students that have an enthusiastic desire to learn.  These qualities produce students which have relevance in the modern world.”

Parent of ’19 and ’23


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