Sista Spells Abracadabra!

louander_600artist: Elon Collins

What woman of color didn’t blush as Mehgan Markle ascended the British monarchy like only a Sista could. She defied racial and social status designed for her. Heck, she may have even single-handedly saved the monarchy by redefining convention and inserting her identity as feminist and woman of color.

And, what about brilliant, powerful, and beautiful Sista Valerie Jarrett? Her response to public racial taunts was classy. ‘I’m okay’ she said. Protected by her networks, she worries about those who don’t have a similar privilege.

Thus far, I’ve been emphatic about the use of Sista to reference women of color, in particular, Black women. I love this affirmation. It instinctively and intuitively distills sister. It affirms gender, diasporic and current connections.

It is collective energy often seen as MAGIC.

Increasing visibility and power, WOC are leading movements that redefine culture. They are winning politically, in Hollywood, and yes, you guessed it in independent schools too.

For over ten years I’ve watched my own daughter and other indy school girls of color develop into impressive young women rising to be seen and heard in independent schools.

It is no small task.

How do they shine through intersections of race, culture, gender, sexuality, and socio-economics?

They make it look magical.

How do these young women show up daily and excel in rigorous, elite and predominantly white academic spaces?

With courage, resilience, and brilliance.

But, not without some cost.

Quietly or loudly (don’t confuse with anger) they persist and resist in ways that require nothing but pure magic.

They are literally creating themselves as they see themselves.

That’s pretty kick-ass.

The cost to cover such magic does not come out of thin air.  It is a spirit that has been passed down through generations, and it gets stronger over time.

The cost can be mitigated by self-care. And, we value restorative spaces that cultivate self-care.

We’ve seen spaces like Woman Speaks, Brown Girls Brunch, and The Black Girl Mixtape have a substantial impact on indy school girls.

Next up! Sistas on The RIISE! August 9, on Martha’s Vineyard.

Women of color traditionally make things happen. They create transformative movements that impact the world. 

We’ll gather in a magical space -among other Boomer, Gen X, Y, & Z Sistas, restoring and celebrating with spoken word, wellness practices, lotions and potions too!

We’re going to honor both the magic and the vulnerable, our ancestors and our next generation.

We hope you’ll join the circle if you wash ashore by August 9. More details soon.

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