Speaking of phenomenal women, meet our advisory team!

Resources In Independent School Education is tremendously blessed by the support we receive each and every day from you, our network of families and independent schools. We thank you for all you do!

Let us introduce you to four phenomenal women who are helping us plan the future by offering their insight, resources, and intellectual capital. Their empowering our network with recruitment and retention possibilities of an independent school education. Like the rest of us, they envision diverse families of color having social, emotional and academic success as they journey through distinguished pre-k-12 education.

We are forever grateful to these four accomplished women!

Curriculum Advisor – Dr. Joy Lawson Davis
We are delighted to have Dr. Joy Lawson Davis’ scholar and attention to the cultural diversity issues in advanced learner education. As an author and educational consultant, Dr. Joy sits on the board of the National Association of Gifted Children. We like to describe Dr. Joy as all research, all the time,  with a valued and required dose of cultural competency. Dr. Joy’s academic research and expertise is inspiring our network  to move ahead confidently with academic success. We are lucky & thankful Dr. Joy noticed our work and offered her support. We are happy to have her leadership.
Dr. Joy, thank you.

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Multicultural Advisor – Dr. Elizabeth Perez Azerad
We are thrilled to have Elizabeth’s commitment to multiculturalism in our independent schools. She is a mother of four, all of whom attend(ed) independent schools. Recognizing the power of owning your cultural capital, Elizabeth encourages us to access and involve ourselves in affinity and resource groups. We very much appreciate her thoughts on diversity & inclusion best practices required  for 21st century global leadership.  Her RIISE blogs have inspired our network, and are full of wisdom as we navigate our school communities and beyond.
Elizabeth, thank you.

Admission Advisor – Sheri Robertson
As one of our original advisors, Sheri knows that building bridges between families of color and independent schools starts with awareness and the application. The mother of four children with diverse independent school experiences, Sheri understands what it takes to get in and stay in. President of Aces for Aces, she provides families with custom admission strategies for the rigorous recruitment process. Her knowledge of the culture of independent schools, along with admission best practices has received great feedback from our community. Her commitment & advocacy is invaluable.
Sheri, thank you.

Community Development Advisor – Dr. Starita Boyce Ansari
Like Shari, Starita has been a RIISE advocate from the beginning. We thank her for holding her family and our network to a higher standard that reminds us of our responsibility to our larger communities. A leader in the field of philanthropy and non-profit management, Starita is Chief Change Officer at MSB Philanthropy Advisors LLC. We are thankful she offers us connection and opportunities to give back. Starita knows that communities benefit when our brightest minds come back and uplift them.
Starita, thank you.

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