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White Spaces, Black & Brown Faces: Considering rigor & agency in independent schools

Thirteen years later, I regard my experience as a passionate tug of war between privilege and oppression. I grapple with this persistent binary as a parent of children of color in an independent school, and in my work, I am passionate about. As a parent advocate and school advisor, I am often responding to questions […]

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RIISE Spotlight: Persistence en pointe! Jalen Daniels

  Honestly, ballet is not about fairies, and dying swans. Underneath the tutus, leotards, and tights there is a warrior. Because of ballet, I have learned tenacity, dedication, and ambition. These qualities ultimately help me navigate my personal ‘battlefield’ in my life. When I was younger, I was so fascinated about the capability to dance […]

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3 Parent Power Responses to 3 Things He Said

  My parent power moment came at the end of Christmas break 2012. It’s only now that I truly recognize it as a powerful moment to be shared. My joyful third grade son, the only boy of color in his class, told me something that set fear in, and broke my heart, all at the […]

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