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4 Reasons To Teach at an Independent School

I recall the moment in vivid detail. After leaving a lower school event, the night air was crisp and the sky clear as my then second grade son marveled at the moon. Admiring the moon alongside him was Milton Sipp, head of the middle school. Instantly, I recognized the power in that moment. Until then, […]

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Guest Blog – Dr. Howard C. Stevenson, Telling a Racially Stressful Story: Calculate, Locate, & Communicate

It was MJ Quigley, Assistant Head of School at The Chapin School who first turned us onto the scholar and wisdom of Dr. Howard C. Stevenson. MJ was totally invested in what he shared with faculty & administration at a NYSAIS (New York State Association of Independent Schools) Diversity Conference.  We finally had a chance […]

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#BMAWeek Day #3 – Curry & Pearson & Andre at Riverdale

RIISE jumped at the chance to celebrate Black Male Achievement Week by asking all of our member schools to nominate black males succeeding beyond the apparent achievement gaps. They understood the importance of self-reflection and self-identification in the success of prospective and current black males in independent schools. We asked our schools to consider academics, […]

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Year of the Horse – A Lunar New Year Celebration at Riverdale

  Here is a re-cap of Riverdale Country School’s Lunar New Year Celebration sponsored by International Parents as told  by Dwight Vidale, Director of Community Development. Thanks Dwight! I went to the Lunar Celebration and it was a great event with a strong turnout. There was an arts and craft table, where students were able […]

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What Happens When We Get Together PoCC & SDLC 2013

  As many of you know, the People of Color Conference (PoCC) is an annual two-day conference with workshops, celebrated speakers, heritage and association sessions, documentary screenings, book signings, and  supportive connections. When it’s all said and done, you are simultaneously exhilarated and exhausted! The conference was created by the National Association of Independent Schools […]

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