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Post #3: What We’ve Learned. Getting In.

This is a perfect time of the year to begin to research independent schools. To be truthful, the earlier you start the better. Kick it off with a complimentary 30-minute RIISE consultation, and attend various Spring admission events. Having spent over a decade in an independent school and through the observations of others with RIISE, […]

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Love, Admissions.2

Dear Families, In honor of having navigated the competitive application process, we are back to share more love! Are you worried that the application process didn’t reflect your family’s capacity or your child’s ability & potential? You are not alone. The Top 3 Things Parents Worry About: what my spouse may have said/did during the interview  – […]

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Admissions Now! Quick Tip # 9 – Financing Independent School Education

This is the time during the admissions season when you seriously think about financing an independent school education – the next 13 years if you’re applying to Kindergarten. The idea of it might have you running towards the financial aid process. But, then again, perhaps not considering that the median percentage of students receiving financial aid […]

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RIISE Funding of an Independent School Blog Series

  There is no denying that an independent school costs a lot of money to operate and a lot of money to attend. Resources In Independent School Education will look at the different ways funding shows up in independent schools for parents and schools, what that  looks like, and how prospective and current families interact […]

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