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Post #3: What We’ve Learned. Getting In.

This is a perfect time of the year to begin to research independent schools. To be truthful, the earlier you start the better. Kick it off with a complimentary 30-minute RIISE consultation, and attend various Spring admission events. Having spent over a decade in an independent school and through the observations of others with RIISE, […]

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Guest Blog – Head of School, Steve Nelson – Ask, Then Listen

        One of life’s unheeded principles: If you want to know how people feel, ask them. Then listen. Since the recent article in the New York Times about the experience of students of color in independent schools, a flurry of commentary ensued, including on the RIISE blog. Many, perhaps most, of the […]

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Guest Blog Indie School Alum – Jason Caldwell, From The Heart

  Since the New York Times article, Admitted, But Left Out, there has been a flurry of conversation regarding the issue of socioeconomic diversity in independent schools. In a ramped up New York City environment of elite schools where tuition nears $40,000 for some schools and surpasses $40,000 for others, how can it not be […]

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