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Dear Parents…

“I watched the classroom like I watched the streets because I knew part of the answer was there.” James Baldwin This weekend, I was inspired to respond to a distressing post I was tagged in. For me, it brought the past thirteen years in community with an independent school altogether as would the last piece […]

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RIISE Fall Boutique Recruitment Event – This video says it all!


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Requirements: Advocacy & Engagement

  This school year is extra special! Having started our indy school journey with kindergarten, my kids are now bookends in upper school -a freshman and a graduating senior! [Applause] Thank you, thank you. Parents, we make huge investments (our kids & our money) in choosing an independent school education. We’re busy holding it down […]

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Back to School Tips. Ready? Let’s Go.

  Hey, RIISE Fam! FACT: The final days of summer and the start of a new school year is upon us! There is so much to look forward to as we support our kids this new academic year. We put together a few RIISE tips for a smooth transition and a strong start. If you […]

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Lunch with Gina Podcast: Election ’16 What Kids Need Right Now—Empowerment

photo credit NYTimes Listen to this inspiring and empowering podcast    Are your kids as anxious as mine about the election? Discussions are happening in the classroom at indy schools, but what can we do at home to re-design a civics lesson gone terribly wrong. Eva Vega-Olds Director of Community & Diversity at the Town […]

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Love, Admissions.2

Dear Families, In honor of having navigated the competitive application process, we are back to share more love! Are you worried that the application process didn’t reflect your family’s capacity or your child’s ability & potential? You are not alone. The Top 3 Things Parents Worry About: what my spouse may have said/did during the interview  – […]

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In lieu of a verdict I was asked to re-post – A Letter to My Son

The Verdict – A Letter to My Son By GINA PARKER COLLINS | Published: JULY 14, 2013 | Edit July 14, 2013 To my dear son, Chaz, Through the night I wrote this letter to you a million times over in my heart, in my mind, and now I finally write it, despondent, yet determined. I held you last night when […]

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3 Springtime Reasons to get Sprung @ Border Crossers Gala on May 8th

  Last spring RIISE was blown away when Border Crossers recognized us, our community of parents of color & indy schools, for bridging the gaps at the cross roads of race and privilege – Education. An independent school education is a major intersection. And, our children of color are meeting it head-on,  cautiously crossing it […]

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High Ability Learner? You Must Listen In: RIISE interview Dr. Joy Lawson Davis

Listen in as Dr. Joy Lawson Davis talks about upcoming RIISE event, My High Achieving Kid of Color is Doing Just Fine!, Right?; the thin line between gifted, talented, & high ability; and why it’s vital that parents and educators be highly engaged with the cultural diversity challenges & success strategies for the high ability […]

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An Admissions Love Note: The Waiting Game, from Elizabeth Perez Azerad

Today is Valentine’s Day and it also happens to be D-(decision) day for parents to show some love by accepting a coveted seat offered by an independent school. The admissions process is a heart-wrenching one no matter the outcome. So, our multicultural advisor, Elizabeth is sending an admissions love note for ALL who applied for […]

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