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Monkey, Better Known as MONKADEE

A favorite of her toddler years, brown limbs flopping as she held it tightly around the mid-section, she affectionately called it ‘Monkadee’. I had no reason to question my daughter’s choice of a Lovie because for her it was everything comfy and cute. However, I would have had a reason to question dressing her in […]

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in·ter·lude ˈin(t)ərˌlo͞od/ – a brief dance inserted between the sections of a longer performance. We are about to witness the interlude of a provocative dance performance between two principal dancers, the family and the independent school.  The first half the performance, the application process, could best be described as seductively demanding. The interlude promises to be […]

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Invisible means Unimportant

On this first chilly September morning in New York, I received a link to this fantastic blog acknowledging the impact early education and children’s books have on how our kids see themselves and the world around them. Thank you to my fellow indy mom, Ruth Mullen for putting something important into my Inbox. Thank you […]

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