Technology + Suniti = Private Tutor

Over the next several months, our affiliate Test Rocker, will offer our college bound students a series of Test Rocking Challenges as they re-introduce us to the benefits of accessing our own private tutor, through technology – saving us both time and money!

Besides TECHNOLOGY , what makes Test Rocker really ROCK is the TUTOR. Meet world renowned tutor, Suniti Mathur for your 24/7 Private Tutor experience.


Today’s Test Rocker Challenge

The next time you have your teen’s attention (yes, we know what you are thinking…) ask them one of these yes/no questions to get an idea of habits and approach to school, college and life. 

Do you utilize Google for any of your school work?

Yes = great!

No = problem.

This is a VITAL skill for school, college, and life. Not an option, this must change to a “yes.”
On a RIISE note, Google is today’s encyclopedia. Research, math tutorials, writing resources, and no more than a key stroke away. This is also a good time to confirm that they are using the internet responsibly.

Do you read for pleasure at all?

Yes = great!

No = problem. Same answer as question #1.

VITAL to develop an interest in reading all kinds of things.
On a Mom note, school curriculum demands a lot of reading for our teens, but we have to encourage reading for pleasure – suggestion: a family book club!

Do you think graphs, charts, and tables are important to understand?

Yes = great!

No = problem.

Students need to understand why this is important past just the SAT and ACT exams. It’s increasingly how information is presented now and must be understood to reach different levels of success.
On a personal note, graphs and charts can be confusing. But, they are the most efficient way to show data, info, facts & figures.

Have you made a careless mistake on a test recently?

No = great!

Yes = problem.

Careless mistakes are signs of complacency and bad habits. It is a red flag that there are some things you can be working on.
No matter how you think about this, mistakes can be extremely costly on a standardized exam.

Until we meet up with Test Rocker again, check out these parent testing tips

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