Thank you Dad! RIISE POV: Dads of Color In Independent School

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I’ve heard from many that your presence and shared points of view last week was profound. Thank you for taking the time to celebrate and contemplate in brotherhood.

Challenges and opportunities with education and employment/entrepreneurship appeared to be the top issues of the evening. RIISE hopes that more opportunities will manifest that inspire you to build upon your points of view shaping the future for our children, our communities and more importantly for yourselves.

Thank you also goes out to Birch Wathen Lenox School for the space and Ted Parker for providing Hillrock Scotch and cigars. A special shout out goes to my husband Keith, thank you for helping to shape the special evening and for ALWAYS sharing your points of view – it means the world to me.


Kindly, take a moment and give us feedback.

Happy Father’s Day!
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….we asked and they responded

Do you see value in doing this on a regular basis? All responded Yes!

If yes, how often? Most responded Quarterly

In your opinion, was there an issue that was overlooked? (Issues on the table were: education, health & wellness, employment & entrepreneurship, housing & home ownership, police violence & incarceration, political power, social justice, gender) Some felt that Housing & Home Ownership, along with Health & Wellness were issues that could be discussed further

In one or two sentences, describe how the evening made you feel.

“I left feeling that there are many like-minded brothers and sisters who are concerned about the issues facing the black & latino community today and have many ideas for our progress and development.”

“The evening was empowering and needs to be repeated. It was great to interact with other dads and hopefully more will participate in the future. As mentioned above each of the topics can be discussed further in other upcoming events.”

“It was nice to kick it with brothers who have various work and life experiences, but have the commonality of having a black or hispanic child in an independent school. Look forward to breaking bread again.”

“It was amazing to be with independent school fathers, all who want to engage with others about ways to support their child(ren) through an often trying experience.”

“It felt like it was a celebration for men. Our opinions mattered and we could sit down and talk with one another about issues important to us without concern of being judged racially. It felt like we mattered!!!!!!”

Are you a dad of color of dad of children of color who would be interested in participating in the next salon discussion?

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