The People of Color Conference

The People of Color Conference-PoCC, is hosted by NAIS. You know the National Association of Independent Schools -the folks who provide services and leadership to over 1,500 independent schools in the U.S. Well, they also focus on social justice and equity at independent schools. This year in Denver was PoCC’s 22nd annual conference, and it was absolutely amazing to be among the majority within an independent school environment. In fact, it felt so comfortable and affirming that it was hard to believe that this collective is so individually isolated on a day to day basis at their respective ivy K-12 institutions.  The conference attracts over 2500 faculty, administration, and students (PoCC is co-located with the Student Diversity Leadership Conference).

So, who is missing? You got it, parents!  There is a very small parent contingency participating in the important work being done at the conference, which is absolutely essential to the well-balanced retention of our families at independent schools. Here are some of the themes of the conference and the workshops that caught RIISE’s attention during the three day conference.

Building Inclusive Communities for People of Color: Programs and Initiatives to Strengthen People of Color in Independent Schools

  • Understanding & Celebrating The Latino Experience In Independent Schools
  • Behind The Immigrant Parents’ School Environment
  • Compelling workshop…Refocusing The Diversity Lens: Building Blocks of Anti – Racist Work
  • Successful Riverdale Workshop…Combating “The Only”: Creating Lower School Affinity Groups

Exploring Racial/Ethnic Identities for People of Color: Our Many Journeys and Stages

  • A RIISE favorite… Black, White, Other Than What? How and Why Racial Identity Matters
  • Who Looks Like Me? Hearing The Voice Of A Transracial Adoptee

Expanding Our Toolbox: Curricular and Professional Skills for Excellence

  • What Mainstream Movies Teach Us About Race: Helping Students Be Informed Film Critics…another RIISE FAVE – Think, Prep School Negro!

RIISE looks forward to bringing these discussions along with their applicable tools to all member families and schools these.

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