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As a dad/parent, choosing a school for your child can be very time consuming as there are a lot of things to think about and consider. From the school’s curriculum to how well the school performs academically. What are the core values of the school ?

Once you have decided on the best school for your child, then you can start the application process. A great thing worth mentioning regarding applying for independent schools is that zone restrictions do not apply.

Here is some useful information to help you. Do not forget to prepare all the needed documentations ahead of time.

The application process and fees: Applications can usually be submitted anytime throughout the year but be sure to know the deadlines by visiting the school’s website. The application fees vary, usually $50 and up. Some schools will kindly waive the fee if you ask them to.

Naturally, you would have to start the process very early if you are interested in enrolling your child to some of the most prestigious schools.

With selective schools, the prospective student will have to complete an examination before admission. The student will then be invited to the school to take part in an interview with the principal or headmaster to better determine her/his suitability for the school. A tour of the school for the parent will also take place on a different day. Other independent schools are non-selective and usually admit students on the basis of first come first serve. The waiting list can be very long but be optimistic as everything can happen. A good friend of mine’s daughter was accepted at a top school when she had already lost hope.

-Will I have to look for another school in a few years?

Ask the schools about their intake years to make sure whether or not they offer spots for all years. Every school’s offering is different, it’s important to ask. Especially If you have more that one child and in different grades. Ideally, it would be great to have a school where your kids can go from kindergarten to the later stages of their education.


Most independent schools offer scholarship or financial aid programs internally, there’s also some nonprofit and independent organizations that can help, it’s another option worth knowing. This means that more families can benefit from this opportunity. Applications for scholarships can be submitted at the same time with the main school application.

The cost of education for our children can be very intimidating but do not be put off by it, explore all possibilities. Every child deserves the best education. Ask each school about the exact details of the scholarships available.

Good Luck with your school search and may your child get the best.

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