Three Mom Musings

I. For the second year in a row my family has missed our school’s Homecoming. Rising to the social expectations of independent school can be tough at times. My 5th grader was very disappointed. I had not put it on the calendar. But best efforts to place it on the family calendar would have been thwarted because of family obligations. I have been informed that we will NOT midd 2012, after all she will be in middle school, the upper campus, the venue for Homecoming. I received a text from a parent in our school community who had expected to see us at Homecoming shared, “Fun for kids…enjoyed speaking to parents as usual, got to eat because they had veggie burgers and good corn on the cob!” – happy vegan folks, see diversity makes all feel included! I felt guilty. But, I have already had a stellar attendance record this year, rising to the occasion and making important to me, and important to my family school events. Next year Elon, I promise! Rising To The Expectations is an apt tone for RIISE’s second in a series of webinars that considers our social capital at an independent school…take a sneak peak and join us tomorrow, Monday, 10//24 @8p. Register now-Pamela Jolly is so insightful. If you were on our last webinar and you already registered, this is a new registration-worked out all of the tech quirks-grassroots parent network here ya’ll. Thanks for logging-in tomorrow!

II. Another parent musing on the eve of a new school/work week would be the test we took this morning. This test was provided to families and students on character development. It was taken by three out of the four of us in the household today after a contentious morning with my soon to be eight year old. He was seriously getting on my last nerve by not exhibiting any “self control” (a described character trait), once he found out that breakfast was not bacon and grits, but salmon cakes and home fries. He was seriously disappointed and acted out big time. After his detention we discussed his behavior and I felt it a good time to take the test together. First, he responded to questions on a scale of very much unlike me, to very much like me. After the three of us took it, there was definitely a common lowest character strength score, yep, self control. This character strength refers to a person exhorting control over his or her own responses so as to pursue goals and live up to productive standards…responses include thoughts, emotions, impulses, performances, and other behaviors. Simply put – self control is usually used to refer to making oneself do things that one does not want to do and resisting temptation. You then scored yourself by responding to statements like: I come to class prepared, to, I remain calm even when criticized or otherwise provoked, and, I allow others to speak without interruption, my favorite, I keep my temper in check. Our highest ranking character trait? Gratitude and zest-not bad. Now it is Dad’s turn. I suspect he may have similar results. If you are interested in a copy of this revealing developmental score card, let me know and I’ll be happy to share it with you.

III. I thought I could get away this year with last year’s school pics adorning the living room. But, I will purchase this year’s gorgeous school photos of my kids. Cha Ching – Package A nor Package B is ever enough to share with the family, will have to opt for the more expensive package, x2.They have grown so much since last year. We are blessed.

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