Welcome to Family Voices on the RIISE

As RIISE launches to provide resources and research to Families of Color to support well-balanced retention at independent schools, we want to hear from Family Voices that self identify as families of color… African, Asian, Latin, Native American or Middle Eastern descent,  multiracial families and families of children of color … that should just about cover it!

We are taking advantage of the blogosphere with Family Voices, Tweeting and Face Book to make it possible for voices to be lifted! Coming from a generation that is still not too sure about this whole social networking thing puts us on the edge a bit, but it is worth the risk! What better way to provide families of color with a platform to share real and perceived experiences in our school communities. We hope that you keep us company out here in this social universe by letting us know how your family is navigating the ivy towers of an independent school. Shared resources and research are welcomed.

Family Voices is excited about posts and commentaries that are thought provoking, engaging, daring, witty, encouraging, revealing, resourceful, challenging, authentic, and above all well intentioned. Posts will come from culturally identifiable bloggers. If you are interested in having the opportunity to be a blogger of the day and gain feedback to your posts, contact RIISE at info@4RIISE.org.

There is nothing like an independent school education! That is why we want Family Voices to lead the conversations that will support partnerships between families of color and independent schools. We are doing it for our children. We are doing it to help foster and retain diverse and inclusive school communities.

Family Voices will be back soon with something to share. In the meantime, let us know what you think about this post.

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