What it does it take to master the ISEE?

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Many in the network have been asking about preparing for the ISEE.  RIISE  asked Bell Curves to help us get started.

If you are looking to master the ISEE and want to learn more about applying to independent school,  join RIISE  as Bell Curves shares 7 strategies for success on the ISEE that can help to increase your chances of getting into an independent school. Keynote speaker at upcoming RIISE diversity recruitment event, Ted Parker reminds us that luck follows the prepared!

During this dynamic 90 minute session an expert Bell Curves instructor will explain the ISEE test, help you understand how to prepare for it, and demonstrate the most effective ISEE strategies.

Your child will also take a mini-ISEE assessment to help direct their focus.

7 Strategies for Success:

  • Show up to workshop
  • Understand structure of ISEE
  • Know how the ISEE is scored (raw, scaled, percentile, & stanine)
  • Learn how the test writers think, along with tricks and traps
  • Get key Bell Curves strategies for math & verbal (common words & math strategies)
  • take a mini-ISEE assessment
  • Create plan to master test

When: Wednesday, October 2nd 2013 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Where: 151 West 46th Street, suite 900, NY NY
Registration: $35 per student
*parent must accompany student


 To Register Click Link Below


Seating is limited for this workshop. Register today!

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