When The White House Calls!

dr joy white house_opt  We will pick back up on the STEM blog series with Dr. Joy Lawson Davis during or just after our winter break.  She has been extremely busy and in high demand….The White House called! 

Dear Friends, 

Please see the message below. I am honored to participate in this White House Initiative and wanted you to know. This Initiative will have great impact on students across the nation. Most importantly, the inclusion of gifted learners and their families in this partnership has broad implications for the future of African American gifted students, their families and schools. 
Thank you for your continued support and all that you do to advocate for equity in Gifted Education. 
Please join the chat tomorrow if have time AND share this message with your network!! 

Hello Dr. Davis and Dr. Ford,
I’m writing to determine your interest in participating in a virtual roundtable with the Initiative this Thursday, December 19th from 12pm – 1pm EST via Twitter.  We began to host these chats during American Education Week and they are now a regular series targeted at raising awareness about strategies and resources which have been successful in African American communities.  This week’s chat focuses on providing families of students with disabilities, LGBTQ and gifted & talented with resources to support their student’s academic excellence. Clearly each of these areas could (and will) have their own chat.  However, we are hoping this discussion will focus broadly on ways families can best advocate for their students and as a springboard for future discussion…
Here is a link to last week’s chat for you to review – http://storify.com/AfAmEducation/social-entrepreneurship-and-education-12-12-13-afa
Hopefully one or both of you will be able to participate this week.  We’d love to begin a partnership with you as our office works towards its goals.  For more information about the Initiative visit our website at http://www.ed.gov/edblogs/whieeaa/. We also share links during the chat to resources and work of our guests and would invite you to provide those so we can uplift them during and after the discussion.
Thank you for your consideration.  I am happy to answer any questions you might have in the interim.
Khalilah Harris
 Khalilah Harris, Fellow White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans
…wait there’s more from Dr. Joy’s FB page

I am honored to have received an Invitation today to partner with the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans! Will begin by participating in a Virtual Roundtable Twitter Chat on this Thursday, Dec 19th 12noon-1pm. This week’s chat is focusing on providing families of students with disabilities, LGBTQ and gifted & talented students with resources to support their children’s education. The Public is invited to join the chat. Will post more details Wednesday!! Please plan to join in!!


Virtual Roundtable was EXCELLENT!! Very busy, lots of comments, so many similar needs and solutions across the groups: More Parental Advocacy; Higher Expectations; Dispelling Myths & Stereotypes; Increased funding for Gifted Education, in particular; Focused Teacher Training; Community Involvement and so many more ideas were shared. If you were on with us, thanks for joining in!! When the transcript is released, I’ll post the link. Will also keep you posted of ‘next steps’ in the partnerships. IT WAS EXHILIRATING TO HEAR A NATIONAL AUDIENCE TALK ABOUT BLACK GIFTED STUDENTS AND THEIR FAMILIES AT THE SAME TIME AS OTHER SPECIAL NEEDS STUDENTS. I think we are on the verge of a change in attitude about Black giftedness, at least that’s my dream….

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