When Things go According to Plan – One Family’s Admissions Journey

acceptance letter

RIISE has been absolutely inspired by the mutual admiration and acceptance among some of our families of color and independent schools this admissions season. It’s a long competitive road, but when things go according to plan we just have to talk about it!

We thank one of our member families for sharing their admissions journey with us. We hope it encourages and inspires prospective families during the next cycle of the admissions process, which we kick off on April 25, at the RIISE Parent Power Conference 2015 – #RIISEPPC15

#1 why did you choose an independent school education & lifestyle for your child?

I’ve known about independent schools since my daughter was in daycare.  Admittedly, I was initially overwhelmed by the application process and thought “private schools can wait…she’s only 4, right?” Fast forward a few years and I found myself back at square one.  I wasn’t happy with our school district and knew my daughter could benefit from a different environment. This time around, I was fully prepared.  I’d researched more and saw all that independent schools had to offer my daughter…and I wanted in!

#2 can you think of a time during the admissions process when you had to overcome a clear social or cultural challenge?

I attended my first RIISE recruitment event last October.  That day, I was surrounded by families who looked like us, wanted what we wanted, and it felt great!  After I left, it dawned on me that maybe our visits to the schools might not leave me feeling as confident.  My head started to get clouded with “what ifs”…”what if she doesn’t get in”, “what if she doesn’t like the school”, “what if she doesn’t fit in?”, “what if we’re not making the right decision”.  Those “what ifs” started to subside when we attended our first school event.  We immediately felt welcomed by parents and administrators alike.  With each school’s visit, event, test, and interview, I felt like we overcame hurdle after hurdle and were closer to the finish line.  

#3 what can RIISE do to support your family’s successful independent school journey?

RIISE has already done so much for our family and we look forward to its continued support over the years.  Whether it’s the workshops, newsletters, or one-on-one support, it’s clear to me that RIISE has a vested interest in families from the admission process to graduation.  I’m beyond excited to be a RIISE family member as we officially join the independent school world this September!

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