Why You Should Attend RIISE Spring Boutique Recruitment Event

Become Aware of Independent Schools
…it’s true, knowledge is power. We do have a choice in selecting the best educational opportunities for our children. You may have checked out public, parochial, gifted & talented, and charter. Now, it is time to check out a private independent school. They are all different, so come and see.
Meet Admission Teams
…it all starts with Admissions. You can visit our member school page to get a glimpse at the culture of our member schools. A school’s website is a great place to start. A visit to the campus works too, but there is no way around it, you have to meet the team that will make the decision for 2013-14 admissions. Come and meet them for the first, second or third time, remain top of mind!
Network with Families
…get the skinny on being a family of color at an independent school. It is a unique perspective. It is important to speak to the families who navigate these schools every day, students and parents. They will be at the event on June 3. Don’t forget to participate in the fun School Speed Date Experience with current parents from each of the participating schools. 

…but, before then meet RIISE’s own admissions expert, Sandra Harbison!  Sandy will be joining us right here with a new episode of Couch Talk starting at 11 am today through Friday talking about independent schools and admissions just in time for Sunday, June 3, diversity recruitment event. Come back and check for new a new episode of Couch Talk everyday this week at 11 am!



Got a question for Sandy?
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RIISE Spring Boutique Recruitment Event
Sunday, June 3, 2012 3-6p
Dwyer Cultural Center
258 St. Nicholas Ave
Harlem, NY…
see you there!

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