You’re In Luck! An Amazing Summer Is Still Possible Until 6/24

Happy Almost-Summer!

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Here at Farm & Wilderness, we have plants in the ground, the kayaks and fishermen on the lakes, and eager, excited staff getting training and skills in preparation for campers’ arrival.

If you have a teen in your household whose internship fell through, job prospects are less than exciting, or who wants an amazing summer experience, we want to share why a summer at Tamarack Farm could be a great choice for your teen. As a special recognition of the affiliation between F&W and 4RIISE, we are offering a half “campership” to 4RIISE teens, aged 15-17 whose complete registration and health forms are filled online before June 24th.  Our admissions team will review the application and inform those families quickly if they are eligible for this benefit. Consider what Tamarack Farm has to offer:

  • Problem Solving:  As educators, we believe that one of the most important skills teens can gain in the 21st century is the ability to problem solve.  This is a skill that isn’t developed in most schools, internships, or summer jobs.  Here, we’re able to offer our teens the opportunity to step up and solve problems on a number of levels:
  • Meaningful Work: At Tamarack Farm, our teens run our farm and will build a cabin using timber from our property.  This summer they will take these skills out to serve local folks in need and prepare meals for our community.  Our future requires leaders who can solve problems, and the Farm provides youth with this experience (where it’s safe to fail and learn).
  • Face to face relationships: Over the course of the summer, our young people realize that face to face relationships are messy at times.  Unlike on-line friending, building a community requires work, understanding, and problem solving; and we believe this experience is vital to helping young adults develop the skills necessary in their adult lives.
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There are many other things we’re excited about for this summer.  If you have questions about Tamarack Farm, please feel free to email Amy Bowen, TF Director.  Also, she’d love to talk with you to see if it’d be a good fit for your teen.  Please email her to set up a time to talk on the phone.  Here’s a quote from a Tamarack Farm adult alumnus:

“The time I spent at Tamarack Farm played a critical role in a formative part of my adolescence. At a time when I barely understood myself, and certainly felt no one else understood me, Tamarack Farm gave me the resources to answer the questions I had. Finding a community that is committed to understanding each other as a teenager is pretty rare. It brings out facets of our character that we often keep private for fear of judgment. Beyond my interactions with my peers, Tamarack Farm also encouraged me to ask important questions of myself about larger issues of humanity such as racism, sexism, privilege, and prejudice. I didn’t know it at the time, but my experience at Tamarack Farm has shaped so much of my life, from what I spend my free time on, to what I talk about with friends, to the work that I do. There are few experiences in my early years that I can so clearly look back at and understand the impact they had on me. My years as a Tamarack Farm camper stand out clearer than any other time of personal growth.”


Rebecca Geary, Executive Director
802-422-3761 ext. 250

Amy Bowen, Director
802-422-3761 ext. 240

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Tamarack Farm

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