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  • {Vineyard Inspiration} 5 events|7 Days #art #teens #familydancing #education

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    sun., august 16   tues., august 18 wed., august 19   sun., aug 22     and…  

  • Elon Collins considers Farm & Wilderness

    Elon F&W

    Unlike most teenagers, I was never enticed by the idea of dirt, cabins, lakes and camp fires. Summer camp and sleepaway camp alike, were never on my mind, despite my peer’s eager countdown to the first day of camp by early May. I suppose I found being away and out of my element for as […]

  • Admissions Now!


    Admissions Now! Are You Applying?   What’s Your Vision?  Do You Have A Game Plan? Resources In  Independent School Education  Can Help It’s your right to dream big. An independent school education can transform the future for your child and your family. This summer RIISE has been helping families plan out their vision for excellence in […]