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Latest Posts

  • College Bound.2 Admissions Now! Quick Tip #11

    college bound

      Back again with a College Bound: Admissions Now! Quick Tip(s) from Brad Battaglia, Director of College Counseling and Director of Diversity at The Birch Wathen Lenox School on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Juniors & parents-these tips are for you. It’s rather powerful, thanks Brad!   3 Tips for Juniors & Their Parents When Applying […]

  • The Power of Parent Involvement & 4 Ways Affinity Groups Do It!


      Erica King Toler, PhD, leads one of our popular workshops called  Decoding the Code:  Helping Families to Thrive in an Independent School Environment. As she equips our parents with tools to decode the independent school culture, she also highlights the value of parent participation. With that in mind, let’s talk about parent involvement and the ways it can look at […]

  • RIISE Guest Blog – Dual Citizenship, by Debbie Belle

    After a recent text discussion regarding Washington Post article by Lawrence Otis Graham, I taught my black kids that their elite upbringing would protect them from discrimination. I was wrong., fellow indy school mom, Debbie Belle shared her own experiences with her sons and their self identity…Thanks Debbie!   DUAL CITIZENSHIP, by Debbie Belle I remember last winter […]


  • 11/22 – SAT Mock Test, Candid Conversation, and Pizza!


      Sitting for an SAT mock test is a great opportunity for juniors and seniors to simulate the testing experience in a proctored setting. The SAT is…wait for it…3.75 hours long, that’s 3 hours and 45 minutes, but we know you already know that.That’s a long time to be sitting, and thinking, and sweating, and […]

  • 11/23 – by demand- Making Cents of it All! A Workshop on financing independent school education


      We are back! Super detailed, super convenient and super discreet is what this workshop will be for those applying for financial support to attend independent schools. Detailed, because it will be facilitated by an independent school financial aid director. Super convenient, because it’s  online. And, super discreet so you can ask what you want! […]