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Latest Posts

  • Does my child need professional help? Clues from RIISE Social & Emotional Advisor

    Delia Farquharson, LCSW

    Does my child need professional help? Delia M. Farquharson, LCSW & RIISE Social & Emotional Advisor If you are ever concerned that your child is seeing, hearing or feeling things that others are not experiencing, or that your child may be suicidal, do not delay. Seek help immediately, call 911 or go to the nearest […]

  • RIISE Welcomes Farm & Wilderness


    We are proud of our partnership with our newest affiliate, Farm & Wilderness Foundation.   Farm & Wilderness is an extraordinary summer camp program in Vermont that helps campers discover their best selves! Their mission: To grow the seeds of courage and integrity in all participants To offer rugged, hands-on, outdoor adventure and challenge To encourage hard […]

  • 5 Steps for Cultural Equity In Curriculum


    Parents of color have the power to influence cultural equity in curriculum. Here is how this story goes: My children are graduating this year and I am beyond proud that they are thriving academically as they continue to manage the culture of independent schools as children of color. It is a known fact that our children […]