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Latest Posts

  • Equity Community Legacy & Future set the stage for Admissions Now at RIISE FBRE14

    Zeny at FBRE14!

    We are in the thick of the admissions season with open houses in full swing! Yet, the families that attended the 5th annual RIISE Fall Boutique Recruitment Event this past Sunday, know it’s not too late to begin to identify, connect or reconnect with schools they can consider partnering with to develop young bright minds. […]

  • Admissions Now! Quick Tip # 7

    Here’s a real quick one from Sheri Robertson, RIISE Admissions Advisor and co-facilitator of Admissions Now! A Workshop. Thank you Sheri! A spread sheet is a must, especially if you are adding boarding schools to the mix.  I have a few suggestions which I hope to share with you personally at the  Admissions Now event in […]

  • Admissions Now! Quick Tips – #6 – Be Encouraged!

    Zenaida last spring at The bath of Diocleziano at Rome's National Museum

    The process of applying to independent schools is intense. So, it is very important that you have on your armor, shielded from the well-intentioned and not so well-intentioned naysayers. Your family and your child are not only taking a leap of faith, but moving away from the heard with regards to school choice. Walk in your vision […]


  • October 21 – Sticks & Stones Revisited – How to Protect Our Children


    A special invitation to all prospective & current Greenwich Academy Families. Tuesday, October 21, 2014 7p-8:30p Greenwich Academy – Young Assembly Hall 200 North Maple Avenue Greenwich, CT www.greenwichacademy.org RIISE invites you to a parenting evening where we: revisit bullying in 2014 what it can look like inside and outside of independent schools how it […]

  • October 25 – Admissions Now! A Workshop

    The Town School

    Admissions Now! A Workshop Understanding the essentials of the Independent School admissions & recruitment process Admit to permit to exercise a certain function or privilege Oxford Dictionaries, www.oxforddictionaries.com, 2014 Recruit to attempt to enroll or enlist Oxford Dictionaries, www.oxforddictionaries.com, 2014   If you’re a family of color applying now or in the future, this workshop […]